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To create a branding platform that promotes both Japan and Uniqlo on a global scale.


We experience the weather and the season through surrounding scenery,
and the act of selecting clothes is related to those feelings.
Japan's changing seasons, and urban/rural landscapes have global appeal.


We created UNIQLO CALENDAR - a daily calendar with a weather report that presents miniaturized version of Japan.
Users can set their location and use it as a blog widget, screensaver, or greeting card.
Out of PC, it was released as iPhone App, displayed in UNIQLO stores, distributed to 500 places in the cities,
and even broadcasted on weather forecast.

UNIQLO CALENDAR is also a music project which features modern remix of classical music,
reflecting the nostalgic and modern Japanese scenes. New music is updated every season by different sound artists,
in collaboration with internationally renowned DJ/producer, FPM.

As of April 2010, UNIQLO CALENDAR has covered all four seasons, featuring scenes from over 210 locations in Japan
with 5 new tunes.


Viewed over 230 million times in 217 countries, spreading 2.7 times as fast as UNIQLOCK.
(in 9 months since its launch)

More than 51,000 blog parts and 108,000 screensavers had been downloaded.
(in 9 months since its launch)

The iPhone App reached 130,000 downloads 130,000 in its first 2 weeks of release.
Ranked 1st among free applications.

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DIGITAL SIGNAGE (server distributed)

  • Server distributed to 500 places in the cities
    Server distributed to 500 places in the cities

  • Server distributed to UNIQLO stores
    Server distributed to UNIQLO stores


  • Broadcasted on weather forecast
    Broadcasted on weather forecast