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The Challenge

Mobile phone companies have pursued multi-functionality and high specification.
And KDDI has continued to lead the way with phones equipped with new innovative functions.
On the other hand, however, nearly fifty percent of the consumers have little interest in multi-functionality.
Surveys have revealed that these consumers prefer phones with great "design" and "style."
Although they don't want many functions, expressing "individuality" and "uniqueness" is very important to them.
So we proposed the launch of iida, a radical new mobile phone brand, to our client, KDDI.
We needed an innovative, interactive, launch campaign, which has a greater reach than traditional media.

The Creative Solution

We came up with an idea that zoomed in on the intrinsic value of mobile phones that is the "ability to call."
Once you register your voice, this unparalleled system automatically generates music in your own voice.
You can download this new track on your mobile phone and use it as an original ringtone.  
The music generated is given a jacket with a unique QR code, and archived on the web in real-time.
This QR jacket may also be used as blog parts for your blog or SNS.  
A recording booth was set up at the events held in 5 major cities nationwide,
and the original tracks created by the users rang throughout the event halls.

The Results

iida calling generated over 18,000 original tracks within 2 weeks after the launch.
Moreover, the traffic on iida mobile and PC sites surpassed 2 million.
G9, the first iida model introduced to the market on April 17, 2009, has continued to outsell all other KDDI models every week.

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