The world's first audition in the car
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Navigation systems are now standard in most Japanese vehicles now. The functions are pretty similar. In September 2009, Sony broke into the market with a new concept. Product Sales Point: “Quick, Easy & Fun”
・Easy to install and handle. ・Makes driving much more fun.
Convey its unique benefits with an unconventional approach.


“Singing” is the most natural thing to do when you have fun driving.Then we realized… Japan has 128,000 karaoke boxes. But we found out there are 79 million more places for singing. And we can go anywhere and anytime. Namely… “In the car”Then, we launched a campaign in 3 steps.
1.The world’s first audition in the car.
2.Vote on YouTube. The movies were uploaded on YouTube. One view equaled one vote.
3.	Winners appeared on TVCM. Performances were on-aired across Japan.


The campaign generated high product awareness and achieved huge engagement level.
Buzz and PR from portal sites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and etc... Gain in share from 39% to 50% at electronics retail stores.

1. Audition in the car.

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2. Vote on YouTube.

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3. Winners appeared on TVCM.